Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dear Best Friend (and other skeptics)

You are a feminist. As much as you try to hide it, deny it, or fight against are definitely a feminist. You may be someone who thinks that all feminists are angry, man-hating, ball-breaking, bra-burning, flannel-wearing, granola-eating, idealist complaining lesbians. Well you're wrong. Sure there are some feminists that any number of things I listed, but not all, not that any of those things are all that bad.

You want to meet a different kind of feminist, look in the mirror.

Don't believe me, here's a checklist for you:

You think all people should be given equal rights
You think racism is wrong
You think women should have the right to make their own decisions
You love the gays (like lady gaga loves the gays)
You love lady gaga
You think all people have the right to vote
You think the government is in need of a serious overhaul so that it actually works
You think birth control is awesome
You think condoms are super useful
You believe women have the right to freedom of speech too
You don't want to be stuck doing all of the cleaning, cooking, and child rearing
You know that women have the right to say no to sex
You like wearing pants every once in a while
You are upset when women starve themselves to fit an unrealistic standard of thin
You get pissed when people assume you can't drive just because you have a vagina
You have a vagina!
You think women should be able to choose to wait or not wait for marriage to have sex
You enjoy sex (and you're not afraid to tell people that)
You think women can be great chefs, doctors, or fashion designers...especially considering traditionally in the home women did the cooking, the bandaging, and the sewing!
You think women should have the choice to wear pink or blue (or rainbow)
You think a woman should be president one day
You think people should never go through domestic violence
You don't enjoy being stereotyped because of your appearance, religion, class, race, ethnicity, age, ability...etc.
If you believe in equality of the sexes instead of one above the others
cough...(your name is Jenn)...cough
You are a feminist if you believe everyone has the right to make their own choices!

Wear flannel or an apron...Wear a pink dress or blue jeans...identify as a feminist or continue to claim you could never be one of "those bitches"...

But you can bet your bottom dollar you owe all of these choices, these choices that seem like no-brainers today, to the work of some feminist from the past. So at the very least, say thanks!

Monday, December 21, 2009


"Your woman"...please...she is her own woman, with her own mind, and the capability to make her own decisions about her own health.

Good health is great...but come on...this is just freaking creepy

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hey, look what I found...

Some more racist/violent/highly offensive Obama protest signs. Are you surprised?...Sadly, I'm not surprised at all.

One sign that I didn't include on here read
"No matter what this sign reads, you're going to call it racist."
Can these possibly be interpreted any other way? Please enlighten me if you see them as anything but hateful filth.

"Fun times in Cleveland today....Still Cleveland"
(inside joke for my coworkers, please disregard)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Holidays...

This post is really intended to just extend a happy holiday to everyone! Being a feminist, I thought I would take this opportunity to just deconstruct a classic Christmas song. I'm not sure if you have taken the time to actually listen to the lyrics of "Baby, it's Cold Outside," but you should...

Dear Dean Martin,

She said NO! Have you ever heard of a little thing called consent?
No? Well, getting a woman drunk and then bombarding her with tons of pressure to stay the night is NOT CONSENT. One of my favorite quotes is "The opposite of no is not yes, it's enthusiasm." People should not have to beg and plead with their partners until they finally just "give in." "Maybe" means no, silence means no, "yes" while intoxicated means no, and no doesn't mean "just ask me until I finally say yes."

In case you missed any of the are just a few of the realllly bad ones

Well, maybe just a half a drink more (Put some music on while I pour)

The neighbors might think (Baby, it’s bad out there)
Say, what’s in this drink (No cabs to be had out there)
I wish I knew how (Your eyes are like starlight now)
To break this spell (I’ll take your hat, your hair looks swell)

I oughtta say no, no, no sir (You mind if I move in closer)
At least I’m gonna say that I tried (And what’s the sense in hurting my pride)
I really can’t stay (Oh baby, don’t hold out)

I simply must go (It’s cold outside)
The answer is no (Baby, it’s cold outside)

My sister will be suspicious (Your lips look delicious)
My brother will be there at the door (I ain’t worried about you brother)
My maiden aunt’s mind is vicious (That ol’ biddy, she ain’t gonna bother me)
Well maybe just a cigarette more (You don’t need no cigarette, it’s smokin’ plenty up in here)

I’ve got to get home (Baby, you’ll freeze out there)
Say, lend me a comb (It’s up to your knees out there)
You’ve really been grand (I thrill when you touch my hand)
Oh, but don’t you see (How can you do this thing to me)

Happy holidays!