Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Creating Change: Day One #CC12

If you follow us on twitter than you know  we've been experiencing tons of fun and growth here at Creating Change. The goal of live-blogging, at least in my opinion, is to get resources and tools to folks who are unable to attend. If you're all up in our twitter, you also know that we attended the racial justice institutes. 

And we have some questions to pose to you all:

1. How do you show up in spaces? 
2. Have you thought about your race story? 
3. How do you process your own racial privilege/marginalization?
4. Do you assume peoples' ethnicity and culture based on the color of their skin?
5. Have you thought about the racial make-up of your close friends? 
6. Who do you date? What are some of the reasons, outside of sexual orientation, that your family not approve of someone your dating?
7. How do you understand the concept of intersectionality?
8. What does it mean to be your whole self?

We're going to leave you with questions as opposed to answers because finding out the answers for yourself is half the fun. By asking these questions of yourself and those around you, you will learn so much more than if we gave you our understanding of these experiences. Ask yourself these questions, and let us know if the answers surprise you!

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